Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Felt United Peace Felt

Finishing up a Peace Felt United

I joined 2 groups this year, Peace Felt and Felt United. Peace Felt is a circle and I am sending a piece to Salt Island BC to Terri. Today I finished the piece and felted it very hard so it can go on the floor.

The back of the rug. After I made a wonderful peace sign, Neill walked into the room and told me that's upside down, it's a flag alphabet ND for Nuclear Disarmament, I wonder what letters it is upside down.. so I added another.

My puppy loves this rug and as I work she inspects and tests things out!

I love this dog! Kasidy she helps me with everything!

Peace to you Terri!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Traveling Jacket also known as Jacket number 3

Blue Green Lady Bug

I went to visit my little sister and celebrate her birthday. I took along one of my new jackets to finish. I felted and designed and decorated and felted. I reached my rolling machine stage and I rolled by hand and then I thru it in the machine! A big mistake, different kind of machine and wow! So I packed my wet loose jacket into a margarita bucket and brought it home. A fresh bar of soap, (I was almost out!) and a few hours and I believe I have it back on track! I hope... so it is out of my hands for the next 28 minutes..

Lesson.. expensive lesson
Top Loader does not work like a front loader! Action of the front loader drops the felt, makes it harder. Front loader floats and swishes making it loose so very loose!

It didn't shrink like it should have and the felt is fuzzy and soft. I have worked for a whole day trying to harden the felt. I don't think it's possible so it's like a cozy bathrobe! ahhhh

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jacket #2

Started laying out the jacket.
Yellow-corn flower Dragon Fly

Finished Jacket

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jacket of 3

Working on my next jacket, I have ordered more wool to make a longer jacket. This will be another like the Kachina Jacket. My sister tried it on today and did she look good in it! OK when it's over 100 degrees outside a felt jacket sounds crazy!!! Since we were standing in the air conditioning she humored me. It looked so good! Yea..

So maybe I will add some picture later.

Desert Cactus completed!

Yea finally done, this one has storm clouds.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Felt Rolling Machine and the Peace Felt United

Today the piece was done enough to put it in the roller! Whew. I have a 24" rolling machine, I love it however the narrow width means I have to get the piece to a safe point to roll it folded. So today the piece went thru the roller many times folded in different ways. Now on to fulling. :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Felt United

Working on my second Felt United piece. Just flipped it for the first time, I am using cold water but working outside in Phoenix Arizona it's a hot piece. I am using the same wool as the first piece, this one has 2 big cactus.

The finished piece

Rode my bicycle this morning with 3 friends, or should I say I chased my 3 friends around Anthem! LOL it was still alot more fun than riding alone. I made movie plans with the girls!

Working on the next jackets, needs to be done in August...
1. Blue-green Lady Bug
2.April.....Yellow-corn flower Dragon Fly
3.October....Orange Madder Red Spider

short or long
fringe edge?
at bottom
at sleeves
in front
at neck


back to the sketch pad and rubbin and rollin!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peace Felt Felt United

After playing around with my sketch pad some research online and more cactus pictures.. I have finally arrived at a plan. So Peace Felt is September 21, 2010 and Felt United is October 2, 2010

some more inspiration

So I have the second piece layed out and ready to roll if only it were cooler outside!!!

Circle of Peace Felt Around the World  and FeltUnited - International Day of Felt – October 2nd 2010
Felt – intertwined, bound together, forever as one - United.
I am going to fly from Phoenix Az to Kansas City on October 2. I am going to take my piece with me and make a traveling exhibition. I am working on a second piece which I will send to a new fiber friend in Sept and I will ask her to do something with the piece on October 2.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jacket number 2 or Peace Felt..

I started the day with a bike ride with friends, Shari, Herb and Sharon. It was a nice ride.

What to do.. what to do. Maybe another Felt United piece. I really want to play with another saguaro cactus. I am not sure that is a jacket. Yellow and blue are difficult to felt without turning it into green! ha

Terri Bibby is my Peace Felt person.. she likes blue and she has a kitty, she is a weaver. I discovered her website and am trying to become inspired, she also sails. I think I will go to lake pleasant and go for a sail and maybe that will give me some inspiration. Terri has some work in an exhibition right now.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kachina Jacket

This is the first of 5 jackets I want to make. Light as I am now living in Phoenix and our winter are very cool. I am please with the results.

Front with one sleeve up one down.
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Back of Kachina Jacket

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Peace Felt

I don't think you can get in on this year, there is still time to Join FeltUnited.com for the online exhibition.

Website :http://www.PeaceFelt.
We are Creating a Circle of Peace Felt Around the World in 2010

Create a work of art using handmade felt which symbolizes peace or unconditional love
to give to & receive from your peace partners somewhere else in the world!Mission:Our Highest Vision
To connect every country in an energetic circle of peace, unconditional love, and gratitude.
For Peace to be Felt in hearts across the world.


To promote peace and connectivity among nations, loving kindness among individuals, gratitude in our hearts and in our consciousness - knowing that WE create our world through our thoughts, words and actions.

To, as Gandhi reminded us, "Be the change we wish to see in the world."

To promote awareness of the ancient art of felt making and the modern craft of needle felting for its qualities of being earth friendly, extremely versatile, and easy to learn!

So I am trying to become inspired, working on Felt United I always wanted to pull a color into it that was outside of the rules, now I can do anything and I find it more difficult to focus my mind to inspiration.

The circle has been made and Cristina Pacciani-Trooster from the Nederland is my giving partner, and Terri Bibby from Canada is my recieving partner. Time to write some emails and see what I can discover about my partners!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Felt United

I layed out the piece on my drafting table, so that has determined the size of the project. 

Yellow to Blue on the color wheel.

It has been wetted out and rolled  and I just flipped it to reveal the design

After Felting
a very successful project!
The shrinkage, the original layout covered the drafting table. I kept the color wheel close by to prevent me from adding colors outside the blue-yellow. Although if you look closely at the sky there is just a hint of pink, which was in a blended bat that I had made with "The Ladies who run with Wool" in missouri. I look at this and I see my fiber friends, Susan's romney wool, and my shetland wool, dyed with friends. I think the sky blend even has some of Dee's karakal. I should have figured out how to work some of that into those cactus!

I took the piece with me to visit some friends, they have 3 dogs who loved to roll on it! I will have to make them a rug.