Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bright colored locks and silk

I finished dyeing the some of the locks of Teeswater

My 7 pounds 13 oz of stinky dirty wool

washed up to 6 pounds 1 oz clean wool.

 Maggie suggested "Go for it... the brighter the better!" So I did go for it. I also dyed the silk scarves, Neill suggested that the backyard looked like a Tabetan prayer flag. Everything is heat set and I hope it all stays nice and bright.  Looks like alot of pink, one was supposed to be purple but it came out pink..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Classes workshops and touring

I live a few miles from a nice lake and have been wanting a kayak so I can go and paddle around. I am thinking I should make my own.. There is a workshop
If you find me missing in Feb. I might be making my Kayak
Alas, the class in AZ cancelled, so that means I have to go to Portland to make a kayak! oh darn,,

This years felt workshop will be Monday, September 19 at 9:00am - September 24 at 6:00pm

Location Dainava - Manchester, Michigan

Creative Felt Gathering

More Info September 19 - 24, 2011

Chad Alice Hagen - resist dyeing

Elis Vermeulen - raw wool and prefelt projects

Jone Rakoski - glass fusing

Pam MacGregor - fused glass and loop and toggle cuff

Touring for this year is planning for next year!
I will attend the National Bike Summit in Washington DC in March
But my big tour will be next year April or May
Bike and Barge Holland — Tulips and More!

Bag # 3 and what to do next

I finished bag #3

This was woven on the triangle loom and then fulled. I made lucet cord 95 inches long and then used the lucet a second time attaching the cord to a swivel hook.

I chose the bright blue lining because it is easier to find what your looking for than a black or navy lining. I added a side pocket inside.

D rings are crochet to the bag and a crochet lace  is around the entire opening of the bag.

The shaggy bag is done!

Now the question is what to do next, I am still washing wool. I have 12 oz ready to make the curtain panel, I just need to decide which silk to use, the 3mm or the 4mm. I am leaning towards the 3mm as I have more of it.
I still have a dining room table covered with unwashed wool!
I have 2 batches of washed wool, I think one will be curtains and I am thinking of dyeing the 2nd batch.
I have silk scarfs to dye..felt or ??
Then there is the last 2 bags.. what will they be?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Washed but still stinky!

Now that the tips are dry they are almost white, I think felting will finish them off and hopefully make it smell better!

Old Jean Carpet Bag

A trunk for your junk!
I have finished bag #2

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Last week a fleece arrived from Susan's Fiber shop.
It does not look so dirty in these pictures but it is dirty, very dirty! Very little Veg! :-)

Here it is on the table I am going to start washing it today. It's a nice sunny day. I have made a small test piece from another Teeswater Fleece. I put this in some mesh bags and soaked it in hot soapy water. I changed the water several times. Now the washed wool is on the patio drying in the sun. The tips hold so much more moisture. I don't think I have the tips clean yet. I will check it in the morning and decide if I need to wash it again. Am I going to dye this wool or keep it white??

Very curly with nice lock formations and although it is not extremely fine, it is very soft!

I love the way the washed wool feels. I think I will make a white panel to hang in the dining room window.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Felt Carpet Bag

Finally finished a project I have been working on for awhile! Trying to figure out the parts of the bag that are not felt! I finally finished it!
The bag is made with Finn wool with a tree and some flowers wet felted. The inside also has a design as I was toying with a reversible bag.  It has a purse frame closure.

I used my lucet to make the leather braided handles, which are doubled for the pictures. The clip on each end of the handles allow for multiple configurations.
                            Standing open and a little peak inside

The bottom of the bag has purse feet. The inside bottom is leather so you can wipe up any spills.
I have also been working on a blue jean bag, it's cute lots of pockets but has become very heavy! LOL I will have it finished soon. 3 more to go, as I committed myself to 5 bags.