Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Next... Felt United Purple Water

Red Phoenix Fire
Purple ?? Water ???
Blue Wind Air

Felt United
October 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fashion Fantastico was wonderful but the waiting is so difficult

The first. The first in the Phoenix West Valley. The first in Arizona. And the first in the Southwest region of the United States. Fashion Fantastico is proud to be the first and only wearable arts event in our little corner of the world. As a community of local artists and performers, Fashion Fantastico hopes to shine a bright light on the amazing creativity and craftsmanship that is infused within our culture. And we invite you see it all unfold on the runway.
I applied for this wearable art event, my first and I was welcomed. I sent a picture and a description of 3 designs. The show was only a month away and I had to get busy. I had one jacket I had made earlier this year.

My goal was to bring felt to the fashion world in Arizona and it is possible that it is actually happening!

Design One

Hat- silk hankies
and Corridale wool
Earings-Corridale wool
Jacket-Merino wool
Top-Corridale wool
Purse-Fin wool
Belt-Corridale wool
Skirt- Merino wool
and silk guaze
Fashion Fantastico 2011 First Place

Modeled by Lindsay Bruhn

The People's Choice Winner
photo by Paul Michael Photography
Design Two
Wind in blue
Hat-Merino wool
Jacket-Merino wool
Earings-Merino wool
and silk cocoons
Dress-Teeswater wool
and silk guaze
Necklace-Merino wool
by Cristina Pacciani
Modeled by Cheryl Thompson
Her first time modeling and she was so good! Her dad and I are very proud.
photo by Paul Michael Photography

Design Three
Earth Kachina
Hat-Fin wool
Jacket- Merino wool
Dress-Merino wool
Jewlrey-Merino wool

Modeled by Tiffany Nicole
Fashion Fantastico 2011 Third Place
photo by Paul Michael Photography

WOW is all I can say, it fit her perfectly and she is such a great model. Completely constructed with her measurments, her first fitting was at the show! WOW I am so proud and excited.