First Place Fashion Fantastico 2011

Fashion Fantastico Wearable Art 2011

Phoenix Fire by Kristi Felts Moore
Modeled by Lin Bruhn
Copyright 2011,Photo by Paul Michael Reklaitis

By: Fashion Fantastico
Congratulations to the very first People's Choice Award winner for Fashion Fantastico. It's Kristi Felts for Phoenix Fire! Well done to all - and thanks for all the votes.

Katharine Huggett-feltmaker Thank you for giving us the chance to vote

Yesterday at 8:48am · LikeUnlikeFashion Fantastico Congratulations Kristi. You do great work and we're looking forward to seeing you again next year. Trish Arana

Yesterday at 8:50am · Like · 3 people

Kristi Felts Thank you so very much!!!

Yesterday at 8:53am · Like
Katharine Huggett-feltmaker Maybe one day I will get accross the pond to see it

Yesterday at 8:53am · Like
Fashion Fantastico Congratulations!!! A well deserved winner...Great piece! Hope to see you at next year's event. Will Bj Manchas

Yesterday at 8:57am · Like · 3 people

Cristina Pacciani Kristi, well done! Way to go, you deserved it ! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us, looking forward to next year creations! Your work is fantastic!

Yesterday at 9:00am · Like · 2 people

Fashion Fantastico Well done, Kristi. Very cool to see your supporters come out in droves. Thanks so much for investing your time and talent in our first event. Gary Serviss

Yesterday at 9:01am · Like · 3 people

Stephanie Fischer Congratulations.....great outfit and well deserving!

Yesterday at 9:09am · Like · 1 person

Lloyd Saar way cool you won , now we'll see more awsome designs..Congratulations

Yesterday at 9:14am · Like · 1 person

Patricia Spark Wonderful, congratulations Kristi!

Yesterday at 9:35am · Like · 1 person

Geneva Lobato- Mitchell Congratulations Kristi!!! Beautiful Piece cant wait til next year!

Yesterday at 11:50am · Like · 1 person

Kim Mitchell Congrats :)

Yesterday at 11:54am · Like
Kristi Felts It was fun doing a show with you!

21 hours ago · Like· 1 person

Kristi Felts This was a perfect First for me! Thank you all for making my first show such a wonderful experience!

The contestants were
 Copyright 2011,Photo by Paul Michael Reklaitis
Larger Images can be found at Fashion Fantastico on Facebook

First fitting of the Top hat and earings, terrible spot to take the picture but it's all I have at this stage of the outfit~

 Phoenix hat detail. Corridale Wool and silk caps                          

Top of Phoenix Fire

The feather pattern on the skirt and the silk feathers.


Before the Phoenix becomes fire.
It's getting Hot!!

Fitting time

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