Friday, June 24, 2011

VArt: Giveaway Come and play!

This is from my friend Vaida Petreikiene I have a wonderful braclet that she made me in another game. So enter to win these wonderful earings. She also has a great shop on Etsy.

VArt: Giveaway: "Today is my birthday and as birthdays can be not only for receiving gifts but for giving them as well, so... This is the time for my first giveaway in this blog! I would like to present you a simple yet elegant pair of earrings. If you like them - just do not hesitate and take a part in this game!

The rules are very simple:
- follow my blog,
- post about this giveaway (with the picture of earrings and an active link) either on your blog or on your FB,
- leave a comment here, on my blog, with a link to your post.
That's it! Nothing more to do, just those three things ;)
The giveaway will take place on the 30th of June.
Good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Next... Felt United Purple Water

Red Phoenix Fire
Purple ?? Water ???
Blue Wind Air

Felt United
October 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fashion Fantastico was wonderful but the waiting is so difficult

The first. The first in the Phoenix West Valley. The first in Arizona. And the first in the Southwest region of the United States. Fashion Fantastico is proud to be the first and only wearable arts event in our little corner of the world. As a community of local artists and performers, Fashion Fantastico hopes to shine a bright light on the amazing creativity and craftsmanship that is infused within our culture. And we invite you see it all unfold on the runway.
I applied for this wearable art event, my first and I was welcomed. I sent a picture and a description of 3 designs. The show was only a month away and I had to get busy. I had one jacket I had made earlier this year.

My goal was to bring felt to the fashion world in Arizona and it is possible that it is actually happening!

Design One

Hat- silk hankies
and Corridale wool
Earings-Corridale wool
Jacket-Merino wool
Top-Corridale wool
Purse-Fin wool
Belt-Corridale wool
Skirt- Merino wool
and silk guaze
Fashion Fantastico 2011 First Place

Modeled by Lindsay Bruhn

The People's Choice Winner
photo by Paul Michael Photography
Design Two
Wind in blue
Hat-Merino wool
Jacket-Merino wool
Earings-Merino wool
and silk cocoons
Dress-Teeswater wool
and silk guaze
Necklace-Merino wool
by Cristina Pacciani
Modeled by Cheryl Thompson
Her first time modeling and she was so good! Her dad and I are very proud.
photo by Paul Michael Photography

Design Three
Earth Kachina
Hat-Fin wool
Jacket- Merino wool
Dress-Merino wool
Jewlrey-Merino wool

Modeled by Tiffany Nicole
Fashion Fantastico 2011 Third Place
photo by Paul Michael Photography

WOW is all I can say, it fit her perfectly and she is such a great model. Completely constructed with her measurments, her first fitting was at the show! WOW I am so proud and excited.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fashion Fantastico

 My sister sent me an email about this show. I sent in a couple of pictures and got back an email welcoming me into the first Fashion Fantastico Happy Felt Dance I am in!!!!

Now to get busy! Runway models! I need to channel some Elis and Cristina~~~

Event Details Are Unveiled for Fashion Fantastico, the Southwest's First
Wearable Arts Show and the West Valley's Next Premier Event

GOODYEAR (Apr 10, 2011) - Fashion Fantastico, a wearable arts event
supported by the Leadership West professional organization and the West
Valley Arts Council, has officially opened the runway with details on its
inaugural event. Centered on an upscale, ornate theme drawing from the
powerful performances of Broadway shows and the spectacle of red carpet
glamour, Fashion Fantastico will merge fashion, fine arts, performance and
more the night of Saturday, May 14th at the Estrella Vista Reception Center
in Avondale, Arizona.

More than two-dozen artists have already submitted designs and more will
likely be added before the upcoming Artists' Deadline, said Arana. Though
sponsorships are still available for this cutting-edge event, several
offered their support the moment they were introduced to the concept. These
include the fashion-forward Phoenix Forma, special event designers Themers,
the Anderson Institute of Music, Arrowhead Lexus and West Valley Magazine.
"As the big night nears, you can feel the momentum growing in every way,"
said Arana. "The artists list is growing, more sponsors are jumping at the
opportunity to take part, and people are saving the date. They're all
excited to experience something truly unique."

About Fashion Fantastico

Fashion. Art. Passion. Pageantry. Performance. This is the world of Fashion
Fantastico - the first wearable art show in the Southwestern United States.
It starts with the human body as the canvas, drawing from fashion and art to
create a new expression. Artists are asked to go deep into their imagination
to create a wearable piece of art that challenges what most consider to be
wearable, or everyday fashion. Fashion Fantastico is committed to
challenging artists of all mediums to push their imaginations to create
evocative, imaginative and thought provoking sculpture for the human body.

 For more information, visit

The feathers for the Phoenix begin

and they grow into the top of the outfit.

Looks pretty good on the dress form.

Hat with feather detail.

This is Lin and she is my Phoenix model and it all seems
to fit her pretty well. I have some room for shrinkage  in the dye pot. Once I finish the Skirt I will dye it all Red.

Lin is looking so bird like!

Now we add the earrings and a rope scarf. I think she will rock this outfit when it is done.

Monday, March 21, 2011

After a Day on Capitol Hill

This is the meeting room at one of the Senate Buildings, it's the party we invited
everyone we met with to.

Ted Johnson visits with Andy Clarke

Ted was a very good sport sharing the work with me on the visits to the hill!

The Congressional Bike Ride with Arizona Flags for Gabriel Giffords
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Crazy stops for photo ops.. such pretty girls
and cool covered bridges
Proud dad watches them

and walks with a good friend.
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Thompson Family 2011

We had a wonderful dinner at the Greenville Country Club with the family! A rare and fun time was had by all!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yudu and Me

I have been organizing bike rides for our club for a couple of years now. Ordering water bottles, socks, jerseys and T-shirts. One group nearby makes their own t-shirts and I kind of like them. So I have been thinking about silk screening. Maybe the T-shirts are an excuse to play with another medium.

I started with a photograph that I took on last years ride. I removed the background and then turned them black as a silhouette, 3 bikes riding along the road, cactus and mountains. It was a nice spring day and the second day of our ride. Muscles are feeling yesterdays ride.

I added some text, the club logo and then it was time for the screen burning process.

The Yudu holds 2 screens inside where the fan is, so I figured I would set up 2 screens. (Not a great idea, I think it slowed the dry time way down and I had a light sensitive screen to protect).

Patience.. I considered going for a bike ride today, really wanted to but I have these T-shirts to finish! I think in retrospect that going for a bike ride would have given everything a chance to dry, with me checking it constantly. Which is what I did, check the film constantly!

One emulsion ad a bad spot straight out of the package, thinking light sensitive and hurrying I had my image too high and part of it was in the damaged edge of the emulsion.

Rather than give up the “I rode the “ I burned a second screen.

This one is better, and I will use it for the 12 shirts. I find I could screen 4 shirts and then I needed to wash the screen and squeegee dry everything and go for 4 more shirts. I only have one platen to hold the T-shirts and I think I will get 3 more. Changing the shirt on the platen takes a bit of time, and the print is still wet so I have to be careful. I think if I had 4 shirts ready to go I might be able to do 6 or 8 between washing the screen. The ink really thickens up quickly.

I need to make the letters bolder or get a font with thicker letters. All lines should be at least 2 points thick, maybe 3.

Overall I am happy with the setup and it has lots of possibilities!

So the shirts are done, the lunch for tomorrows picnic is made. Supplies for the weekend have been purchased. We will have a fun bike ride and meet some new friends who also enjoy a nice desert ride.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No posts..

I have too many pictures so when I went to do my blog and upload a picture it said, you ,must pay if you want to upload a picture to your blog... so I went away and ignored the problem. Wow! Now I need to figure out what to do! LOL I will probably pay for the pictures.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 2012 Bike Tour Our deposit is paid!

This is it~ our 2012 tour plans begin...

Will we be riding by where you live? Let me know~

Bike and Boat Holland — Tulips to Belgium!

2012-April 28-May 5

Meander through the colors of Springtime from Amsterdam to the celebrated town of Ghent, Belgium.

Our unique adventure will visit famous towns of South Holland, castles, Kuekenhof Garden & tulip fields, and a working farm and windmill. Depending on weather, we choose to continue into the bucolic region of Zeeland or through Holland's Brabant and on into Flanders to explore Holland's Flemish neighbors, Belge chocolate and beer- not to mention the quaint villages boasting lovely city centers from the 13th century.

Trip Itinerary

Haarlem and the Holland Dunes (25-30 miles)

Our trip starts Saturday right before noon when we board our barge/hotel, settle into our cabins, and get our bikes fitted and ready to go. Soon thereafter we head off sailing out of Amsterdam by way of the North Sea Canal.
Brederode Castle Holland Bike and Barge Beautiful Brederode Castle near Haarlem
We exit our ship at the village of Spaarndam and pedal toward the beautiful Holland Dunes. Just a few miles into our journey we stop for a visit to the Molen De Zaandhaas where we'll see a true working windmill in action.
A little more pedaling and we reach the 14th century ruins of the fascinating 1282 Brederode castle. We'll take time to learn the interesting history and walk through the relics of this well-preserved artifact.
Time permitting, we'll pedal to the North Sea in the lovely Kennermerland National Park through rolling dunes, small forests, past Highland cows and Shetland ponies. Otherwise, we head for the lovely town and woods of nearby Bloemendaal.
We arrive in Haarlem- known for one of the most beautiful Market Squares and famous Hofjes (courtyards) in Holland. After a special Welcome Dinner, we'll spend the evening sightseeing Haarlem's historical treasures.

Visit to the Tulips and evening in Leiden (30ish miles)

We depart our boat quickly after breakfast as today is a full day of sightseeing and cycling for us. Our destination in the morning is the famous Keukenhof - the world's largest flower garden.
We start by meandering the lovely forested bike paths of Bennebroek town then only a turn later we are struck by fields of color and fragrance until we reach the town of Lisse.
Tulip Fields Tulip Fields
We plan on several hours to browse the Keukenhof's magnificent acreage and enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds.
Passing the old town of Sassenheim and Warmond and fields bursting forth in colors of reds, yellows, pinks and purples - we reach the city of Leiden.
Leiden is an unusually beautiful city, famous for being not only the birthplace of Rembrandt but Clusius brought the first Dutch tulips into flower.
Then there are 12 museums, whose priceless and unique collections have gained international fame.
Of significant importance is that Leiden is the home of the first university in Holland (1575), which has developed into a world-famous centre of science.
I can't believe how many things we were able to see in one short week! The Keukenhof was breathtaking ! We definitely will be back for another trip!!
~ Bill and Mary Scott, Illinois

Delft (30 miles)

We leave Leiden heading south for a visit to the Cheesefarm De Vierhuizen - a small organic milk farm run by the Leuwen family. Here we'll meet the owners who tell us about their history and show us how they make their famous Gouda Cheese from grass fed cows.
Beautiful Oostport in Delft Beautiful Oostport in Delft
We continue south through green nature areas and horse farms and following narrow canals until we reach the city of Delft.
Dating back to 1075, Delft is known as the birthplace of Golden Age artist Johannes Vermeer and the fine hand-crafting of Delftware porcelains.
Cyclists will visit the Royal Blue Delft Factory to see firsthand the artwork and production of fine porcelain in the world-famous Delft tradition.
After dinner, we will also enjoy a town walk of the picturesque city center with its romantic tree-lined canals and countless historic monuments.

Willemstad (30 miles)

We depart Delft heading west into Westland- where the cultivation of vegetables, house and garden plants and flowers in greenhouses makes up the largest horticulture complex in the world. For those desiring, we will cycle to the Hoek of Holland where the large boats like that to England set sail on the North Sea.
We'll cycle along the water to the town of Massluis where we cross by ferry to Rosenburg and then along a green island to another ferry and on into Brielle. Brielle is a lovely fortified town from the 1300s and we'll take time to walk the town and enjoy lunch.
Exploring the blooming polders of the Voorne area we take a turn eastward and meander a long stretching waterway called Bernisse with visits to the areas historic towns like Abbenbroek, Zuidland and Simonshaven. We'll skirt the Spui River and ferry yet again to cross into Beijerland. Here we'll enjoy panaromas of beautiful scenery and orchards of the Hoekse Waard.
Time permitting we'll even sail over to the little visited island of Tiengemeten before cycling across the large Holland Diep and on into Willemstad, a lovely fortified village and our port for the night.

Belgium-Antwerpen (30 miles)

Today we'll be exploring The Brabantse Wal (Brabant Ridge)- an area where natural beauty, heritage sites and cultural events are closely knit. The area's most striking feature is the vast diversity of its scenery.
Belgium Holland Tulips Bike and Barge Bergen Op Zoom beautiful Market Square
We leave Willemstad southward to Steenbergen- an area of vast polderlands- and on into Woensdrecht- a haven for hikers and cyclists alike- where rolling "Dutch"hills reach over 20 metres above sea level.
The ancient city of Bergen op Zoom lying in between is our break for lunch. Over 800 (listed) heritage buildings, which are still standing despite the city's eventful past will be worth an extensive stop and town walk!
Soon we cross the border into Belgium and follow the Schelde Bikeway into Antwerp.
Antwerp, home of the Flemish Baroque master Rubens, not only has a wealth of outstanding museums, picturesque galleries, sculpted streets and beautiful architecture, but is also laced with refreshing greenery and urban haunts.

Dendermonde (15 miles)

We leave Antwerp following the "Ruppelstreek" bicycle route visiting Hoboken and it's Castle Sorghvliedt and the 13th century ST. Bernardus Abbey of Hemiksem.
Steen Castle in Antwerp Center Steen Castle at entrance to Antwerp
We pass several rural villages and head for the impressive town of Puurs. Those who are able to do a few more miles will detour to Breendonk to visit the famous Duvel Brewery.
In the town of Puurs we'll join the bike path that follows the old Steam Line to Dendermonde.
Dendermonde-lying on the right bank of the Schelde and adjoining Dender Rivers is a town of historic prosperity. We'll notice this from the many magnificent buildings - a remnant of the once famous textile industry from the town's past.
Depending on the timing of our cycling today we may take a quick train ride into Brussels to spend the evening sightseeing the vibrant Grand Place historic city center.

Gent (20 miles)

We depart quaint Dendermonde heading east to Gent. We follow the meandering Schelde River today as it affords wonderful views of the countryside and stops in small towns to enjoy sightseeing and a break for lunch.
We arrive in Gent- rated one of the top destinations by National Geographic Magazine . No wonder...with its quaint cobbled streets, winding canals, and impressive monuments like the gorgeous stronghold castle of Philip of Alsace - Gent should be proud of its medieval past. Not to mention that Gent was Europe's largest cloth producer.

Good Bye to a Wonderland Trip!

Saturday morning we will have a farewell breakfast, say our goodbyes to cycling friends and disembark at 9 a.m. for home.

Trip Difficulty

The Netherlands and Northern Belgium terrain is mostly flat, but we can experience wind and rain which are weather factors that impact cycling experience and ability.
So, we recommend this trip for an athletic/active person or experienced cyclist who can complete the daily miles under some adverse weather- if it should be present- and likes to average 10-12 mph on easy/flat terrain while enjoying a leisurely trip.
We will average 25-30 miles on most days with Suzie as ride leader and Roger as route "sweep" and mechanic. We advocate a "stop and smell the roses" philosophy to cycling and our group cycles together as a shared experience. Of course, you can always take a break from cycling and enjoy sailing from the sundeck of our barge — quite a delightful experience!
We do not use the assistance of a support vehicle on our Bike and Barge tours.


Our arrival town is Amsterdam which is serviced by Schiphol Airport, located just a few miles from the city center. There is both excellent/easy public transportation and reasonably priced shuttle service available from the airport to the Oosterdock where our ship is docked.
Post-trip transportation- there is excellent train service from Gent to either Brussels-Zaventem Airport or back to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We will have more detailed information about transportation in the Welcome Letter confirmation we send you upon registration.
As with all European trips, we advise our cyclists to arrive a few days before the trip start to acclimate to the time change, get acquainted with the new culture and sightsee beautiful Amsterdam.

Additional Information

Our barge, the Feniks, provides a comfortable base from which to explore. The Feniks provides a comfy base from which to explore.
We will partake of the wonderful hospitality of the boat — Feniks.
Our hosts, Captains Winfred and Els are an endearing team who strive to make our stay on their boat a memorable experience.
Our cyclists learn quickly that Els is also a great chef and look forward each night to her culinary creations.
The Feniks is a cheery boat with cozy bedrooms featuring a few rooms with 2-lower beds (assigned on a first-come, first served basis) and other rooms with upper and lower berths- all with private bathroom.
The crew of the Feniks Winfred, Els and Patricia — good friends and crew of the Feniks.
It also features a relaxing dining-common area and large sundeck where we enjoy afternoon snacks and dinner several evenings.
Information about this, what to pack, pre-trip lodging in Amsterdam, traveling abroad, tips on airfare, and other important pre-trip details will be provided in our detailed WELCOME LETTER sent to you when we receive your registration for the trip.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Curtain Calls

I have washed the entire Teeswater fleece. I dyed some of the locks and set aside  locks for curtains.

I am using 12 oz for each panel.

 My lay up work.. Time to use my chabuk (sp), it works great for fluffing up the wool and making sure I have an even layer of fluff.

It's a fine tool made by Mehmet Girgic

Layout complete now its time to work!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bright colored locks and silk

I finished dyeing the some of the locks of Teeswater

My 7 pounds 13 oz of stinky dirty wool

washed up to 6 pounds 1 oz clean wool.

 Maggie suggested "Go for it... the brighter the better!" So I did go for it. I also dyed the silk scarves, Neill suggested that the backyard looked like a Tabetan prayer flag. Everything is heat set and I hope it all stays nice and bright.  Looks like alot of pink, one was supposed to be purple but it came out pink..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Classes workshops and touring

I live a few miles from a nice lake and have been wanting a kayak so I can go and paddle around. I am thinking I should make my own.. There is a workshop
If you find me missing in Feb. I might be making my Kayak
Alas, the class in AZ cancelled, so that means I have to go to Portland to make a kayak! oh darn,,

This years felt workshop will be Monday, September 19 at 9:00am - September 24 at 6:00pm

Location Dainava - Manchester, Michigan

Creative Felt Gathering

More Info September 19 - 24, 2011

Chad Alice Hagen - resist dyeing

Elis Vermeulen - raw wool and prefelt projects

Jone Rakoski - glass fusing

Pam MacGregor - fused glass and loop and toggle cuff

Touring for this year is planning for next year!
I will attend the National Bike Summit in Washington DC in March
But my big tour will be next year April or May
Bike and Barge Holland — Tulips and More!

Bag # 3 and what to do next

I finished bag #3

This was woven on the triangle loom and then fulled. I made lucet cord 95 inches long and then used the lucet a second time attaching the cord to a swivel hook.

I chose the bright blue lining because it is easier to find what your looking for than a black or navy lining. I added a side pocket inside.

D rings are crochet to the bag and a crochet lace  is around the entire opening of the bag.

The shaggy bag is done!

Now the question is what to do next, I am still washing wool. I have 12 oz ready to make the curtain panel, I just need to decide which silk to use, the 3mm or the 4mm. I am leaning towards the 3mm as I have more of it.
I still have a dining room table covered with unwashed wool!
I have 2 batches of washed wool, I think one will be curtains and I am thinking of dyeing the 2nd batch.
I have silk scarfs to dye..felt or ??
Then there is the last 2 bags.. what will they be?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Washed but still stinky!

Now that the tips are dry they are almost white, I think felting will finish them off and hopefully make it smell better!

Old Jean Carpet Bag

A trunk for your junk!
I have finished bag #2